2 Digit Universal Remote Codes for TV

With the assistance of a popular remote, It is handy to manage all the operations of our factors and appliances. The faraway manager can manipulate the video & audio gadgets related to any mannequin range or brand. For running any of your appliances, you have to put two digits far-flung codes into the commonplace TV remote.

2 Digit Universal Remote Codes for TV

2 Digit Universal Remote Codes for TV

2-digits Remote Codes


  • Admiral:  13,02,14,34,09
  • AOC : 11, 12
  • Audio Dynamic:  37,14,35,12



  • Bell & Howell :  43,30,41,28,09,19,38
  • Brocsonic:   12,03,11



  • Craig:  23,22,21,20,17,19,18
  • Croslex: 10,11
  • Curtis Mathis: 19,03,16,23,20



  • Daewoo: 36,03,35,04,28,27,32,31,41,72
  • Daytron:  12,13



  • Emerson:13,22,20,23,21,15,03,04,30,14,19,32,17,12,84,18,63,65,66,83,52,73,54,71



  • Fisher :11,25,28,22,33,32,31,72,68



  • General Electric GE: 18,02,03,06,07,10,60,15,68,63,62
  • Goldstar :13,03,12,04,30,11,17,72,26,46,63



  • Hitachi :13,31,03,32,04,02,27,29,28,12,75,74,69


  • JC Penney:   02,03,07,30,26,05,28,04
  • JVC:29,28,09,82,25



  • KTV : 13,33,03,23,04,14,26,29,31,12,30,20,76,66,34,69



  • LXI (Sears) :02,03,25,11,19,04,07,10,08,16,22



  • Magnavox :13,12,11,03,08,04,55,57,56,59,58
  • Mitsubishi :  12,03,24,13,04,21,63,11,72



  • NEC  :  12,03,11,04,72



  • Panasonic:  16,18,07,17,15,38,37,49,62
  • Philco:     13,11,03,08,04,12,10,59,72,56,55,57,58
  • Philips:   06,11,10
  • Pioneer :18,37,16,19,11,33,15,69



  • Quasar :07,18,06,62,15,48



  • Radio Shack  : 12,02,24,11,23,20,21
  • RCA Proscan :02,04,06,08,03,10,05,07,22,21,23,25,24,67,69,68,45,44,53



  • Samsung  :  12,26,03,13,04,23,19,70,11,72
  • Sanyo:11,25,22,79,78,38,33
  • Scott :  12,23,20,84,11
  • Sharp :  13,14,03,15,08,05,12
  • Sylvania:  12,11,04,03,10,08,55,13,57,56,59,58,77
  • Symphonic  :  39,23,20,14,40,36



  • Toshiba  :14,19,20,13,16



  • Videch  :03,31,27,12,11,03



  • Wards: 03,13,12,15,11,14



  • Zenith:10,09,34,15

You should search these two-digit remote codes through manufacturers such as AOC, Bell, Howell, Emerson, KTV, JVC, Hitachi, and you may want to search all the two-digit universal remote codes in the beneath tables Moreover, locate the listing of two-digit far off codes referred to below. In addition, these two digits TV remote control codes are stated as per their brands. Indeed, this is a state-of-the-art two-digit TV universal remote control code listing for all units and their remotes.

Are you looking for two-digit remote control codes for your precise TV brand? This article would locate the widespread two-digit codes for a number of noted TV manufacturers and do it in the remote. After splendid programming, The TV would feature safely with the general remote control. If you can’t search the remote control mannequin number, you have to do an ideal check-in in the internal phase of the battery compartment, or it may also be at the remote’s back.

Additionally, you can use these two-digit remote control codes to apply any of your gadgets consisting of TV, DVD, VCR, Soundbar, and others. Moreover, these two digits remote codes listing will assist you to make use of familiar remote control with all your devices. However, you can discover all manufacturers’ two digits TV ordinary remote codes listed below.

Programming two Digit Universal Remote Codes

  • Put the gadget into the setup mode. Search for the button “Setup” on the regular remote control. Click on the “Setup” button & preserve it till you observe a crimson mild in the indicator. After it, let out the button.
  • Choose the equipment kind as” TV.” Now, click on the “TV” button & launch it as you want to set it up.
  • Key the two digits remote code related to the equipment from the referred list. The crimson mild would change off through making appropriate use of the keypad for placing the frequent far-off code.
  • Do verification of the outcomes. Now, function the customary remote at an ideal role of the appliance, attempting to energy off & on the appliance. If the equipment responds, that ability is all set. Otherwise, do a repetition of the steps with the aid of the usage of the following two-digit remote codes from the cited list.

Programming a regularly occurring faraway with code search

Click on the “Code Search” button and keep it. While consistently making a keep of the button, click on the prevalent faraway button, which would suit the equipment you are making a pair with.

Keep the “Power” key alongside the key for the object that you want for programming the remote. Let out each button whilst prompting. While the remoteLED changes on and stays consistent, you ought to let out both buttons. Now, Make a suitable positioning of the far-flung object that you want for programming.

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