Tivo Universal Remote Codes and How to Program

If you simply bought a Tivo well-known remote and you want the Universal remote Codes, this put up outlines the codes below. There is a range of universal remote control codes for Tivo listed below. For every TV brand, we supplied extra than one code for every device. So if one of the codes doesn’t work, please strive out any other code. The code is generally a 4-digits figure.

Tivo Universal Remote Codes

Tivo Universal Remote Codes

Tivo Remote Codes For Advent TV

  • 1022
  • 1120
  • 1030

TIvo Remote Codes For LG TV

  • 1102
  • 1286
  • 1067
  • 1169

TIvo Remote Codes For Mitsubishi

  • 1005
  • 1065
  • 1287
  • 1172

TIvo Remote Codes For Infocus TV

  • 1306
  • 1020
  • 1222
  • 1026

Tivo Remote Codes For Panasonic

  • 1107
  • 1001
  • 1013
  • 1075

Tivo Remote Codes For Philips

  • 1181
  • 1260
  • 1104
  • 1315
  • 1266
  • 1007
  • 1263
  • 1000
  • 1186

TIvo Remote Codes For RCA TV

  • 1103
  • 1086
  • 1246
  • 1271
  • 1311
  • 1299
  • 1296
  • 1330
  • 1278

TIvo Remote Codes For Sanyo

  • 1056
  • 1028
  • 1248
  • 1137

TIvo Remote Codes For Samsung TV

  • 1207
  • 1350
  • 1016
  • 1346

TIvo Remote Codes For Sharp TV

  • 1241
  • 1261
  • 1243
  • 1335

TIvo Remote Codes For Sony Tv

  • 1032
  • 1009
  • 1038
  • 1147

TIvo Remote Codes For Toshiba TV

  • 1113
  • 1006
  • 1189
  • 1037

TIVO is one of the famous universal remote brands in the market. Usually, a TV comes with remote control. But if for any cause you misplace your TV remote or it is spoilt, you can use the TV universal remote to program your TV.

You want to recognize how to apply your Tivo universal remote control to work with your TV earlier than you can use the code. The information on how to software a TIVO common remote to your TV has additionally been outlined below.

How To Program Tivo Universal Remote Control To TV

  • Switch on your TV set you prefer to program.
  • Hold your Tivo well-known TV remote to face your TV or device.
  • Find the ‘TV’ choice on your time-honored remote. Press on to the ‘Setup’ button. Its remote manager will enter the Learning Mode.
  • Find the codes that work with your machine company using the code listed above.
  • If you acquired the manner right, the tiny mild will blink four times. When it does, pick out any of the codes above for your gadget and enter. The button mild will go off as soon as you get the right code. If not, strive for any other code.
  • Press any of the features keys on your far-flung control. If it works, that potential you received the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and attempt with any other code.

How To Check If A Tivo Remote Is a Universal Remote

Some TV remotes that come with some Tivo TVs are normal remotes. Meaning you can use the remote to power different devices without Tivo TV. To take a look at if your Tivo remote is a customary remote, take a look at if it has the ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If it does, it is a usual remote.

Remote Control Programming Reminders:

  • If you press Channel Up and your TV turns off, press Enter to select the code. Press the TV Power button to check the code. If your TV turns on, you have efficiently programmed the remote

If you cycle via all the codes, the red LED will go off, indicating that you have tried all the codes. If this happens, or if you chose a code however the TV does no longer reply to the test, strive once more to make certain you did no longer ignore your code by way of going too fast.

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