SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher: How To Fix (Updated 2024)

SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher: SimpliSafe is the most used and well-liked security system, which assists you in keeping an eye on your house both at home and away. For it to function correctly, a WiFi connection or a cellular data plan is a must. 

No Link To Dispatcher

SimpliSafe No Link To Dispatcher

Like any other bug, SimpliSafe includes a “No Link to Dispatcher” warning, played visually and verbally on the keypad and from the base station. Although getting this notice can be annoying, there is a simple solution to this issue. 

The Base Station is the system’s nucleus, which needs a direct connection to your home network and your SimpliSafe devices. In some cases, you may need to reset the Base Station in order to reestablish contact between the Base Station and your system.

The warning “No Link to Dispatcher” nonstop keeps buzzing itself repeatedly from the base station and displays on the keypad simultaneously until you put it to an end by tracking down the solution to it and reestablishing a cellular or WiFi connection.

The SimpliSafe “No Link to Dispatcher ” warning appears as a delivery message to the matter of the non-functionality of the base station’s WiFi or cellular connection. To reestablish the working connection, firstly unplug the base station for at least 15 seconds, remove one battery or replace it, then plug everything in to retreat the connection, which will come to life after 1-2 minutes. 

This issue needs to be attended to before the eleventh hour so as to save the purpose of installation of the device— protection of your home and the upgradation and backup of your system. 


Resetting SimpliSafe

  • As we jump into the soul of the problem, you must determine what device you possess;
  • Gen 3 SimpliSafe or the Original SimpliSafe.
  • You should ensure you follow the instructions for the appropriate model because the reset procedure and the process for resolving the faults differ significantly depending on the version you own.
  • To find out which one you have, see your user manual. You can also visit the SimpliSafe website and compare your model’s pictures with those displayed.
  • You can know by taking a peek at your keypad. The original SimpliSafe’s keypad is bigger. 
  • If your device doesn’t have either the blue button in the middle top row or the red one in the last row, it is proof that you own a SimpliSafe generation 3.
  • The sensors can also provide information. The generation 3 sensors are white and square compared to the previous system’s cream-colored, square, and rectangular sensors.

SimpliSafe Generation 3 reset

You should reset the base station if you own a SimpliSafe Generation 3 device. This will aid in establishing a new WiFi or cellular connection.

Take these actions:

  1. Disconnect the power cord.
  2. Take out the screw that secures the battery cover using a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  3. Completely remove the battery cover.
  4. To ensure there is no power connection, for the bare minimum, detach one of the batteries from the system.
  5. Hold off for 10 to 15 seconds.
  6. Put the battery back in.
  7. Arm yourself with a hand drill to fasten the battery chambers. 
  8. Replug the base station’s power adapter.

Wait for one to two minutes.

  1. Press Away or Home to arm the system.
  2. The availability of WiFi is necessary to mark the chiming reoccurrence of the warning.

Reset the base station for SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe Original reset

You must reset the base station that manages the SimpliSafe system if you have the Original SimpliSafe.

To get started, take these actions:

  1. Remove the power cable. 
  2. You can make use of a Phillips-head screwdriver to hand-drill the battery cover. Get rid of the battery cover.
  3. Remove one battery from the main system to guarantee the electricity cut to the system. 
  4. Countdown to 15 seconds or more till the next step. 
  5. Reconnect the power adapter.
  6. Put the battery back in. Prior to reinstalling the battery, always plug in the adaptor.
  7. Snap the battery compartment closed.
  8. Reseal it with the screwdriver.
  9. Wait for one to two minutes.
  10. For the revival of connection, watch out for the setting option of the SimpliSafe app.

Some Advice to Help You Avoid the No Link to Dispatcher Message:

You probably want the obnoxious notice to never return after having to go through the effort of getting it to go. You can take the following actions to make it less likely that the No Link to Dispatcher message will show up again:

  • Position the Base Station Nearer the Window
  • By placing the base station closer to the window, you may eliminate any cellular signal interference and obstructions.
  • If the signal gets better overall after moving it closer to the window, you can try repeating steps 1 through 11 after that.
  • Connect with WiFi

Wire it to any available connectivity to line it down to functionality.  The device locally would get linked to nearer networks instead of the farthest ones; in that case, it would be better to utilise the replacement given away by Dispatch Center. 

Strong cell phone signals can occasionally be challenging to locate. Almost once in a while, everyone has witnessed dead spots or irregular service areas where calls cannot be answered or seem to fail. Utilizing your very old internet connection may result in the same issue as discussed above. So get linked with a better source of WiFi.

Speak with customer service

It will be a headache if you witness this error almost every time. It could be caused as a result of a manufacturing defect within the device right from the beginning if you nonstop have been witnessing the alarming warnings—”No Link to Dispatcher” and this reset should be your next step.  Tell SimpliSafe customer service about the issue by getting in touch with them. They will aid you with their best possible knowledge and service. 

If you want to do a little more independent troubleshooting, you can also look at their online Help Center.

Employ Your Warranty

This is to break it to you that if you’ve only recently purchased the SimpliSafe and you frequently get this message, it’s conceivable that the system was never intended to work.  This is particularly valid if the notice initially appeared when you utilized the program. Call SimpliSafe and describe the issue. To receive a free replacement system, request to use your warranty.

Including items purchased through its retail partners, SimpliSafe offers warranties on all equipment purchases and replacements for up to three years from the original order date. They have eased it out for you by putting it on free delivery! Talk it out to make your product exclusive.


The SimpliSafe, “No Link to Dispatcher” warning is the carrier of the message that the main system lacks the connection to the cellular data, thus not working. You may quickly fix the unpleasant No Link to Dispatcher notice on your SimpliSafe home security system by simply resetting your base station.

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