Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay? (Full Guide)

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?: Home Depot does not offer Apple Pay in its stores or on its website. However, you can still pay for your purchases with a Home Depot credit card. Just choose the Apple Pay option on the POS terminal and enter your credit card number to complete your purchase. Home Depot does not accept other forms of contactless payment such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Fitbit Pay. You will need to use cash or a credit card at checkout if you want to make a purchase with these cards. Home Depot also accepts mobile wallets like Apple Pay Cash and Samsung Pay. 

Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay?

However, if you want to pay with cash, then input your payment credentials into the retailer’s mobile app. The same procedure applies to Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Fitbit Pay. Just add your credit or debit card to these services and use the app at checkout instead of a credit or debit card. It does accept PayPal payments from both desktop computers and smartphones. This means that you can pay for purchases with your PayPal rewards points. The process is similar to Apple Pay as well because you will need to visit the retailer’s website during checkout.

What is Home Depot?

Home Depot started in 1978 when Bernard Marcus opened his first store in Atlanta, Georgia. The chain sells home improvement and construction supplies under the Home Depot. Home Depot sells a variety of building materials such as paints, plumbing supplies, tiles, doors, windows, cabinets, and lumber.

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Customers can also buy tools such as power tools and hand tools at their local Home Depot location or on their website. Some stores carry appliances and indoor furniture while others offer receipts of free service to help customers install purchases they’ve made at the Home Depot. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and it operates over 2,200 retail locations across all 50 states in the US.

Why Does Home Depot Not Accept Apple Pay?

Home Depot heavily relies on cash to process transactions at its stores. Therefore, it has no plans to accept contactless payment. The retailer offers a retail credit card that can be used on the Apple Pay platform. This suggests that the company is working on a way to integrate Apple Pay into its POS terminals. However, current research shows that Home Depot no longer accepts new retail credit cards for Apple Pay due to the limited success of this program in its stores.

Does Home Depot Accept PayPal?

Yes, Home Depot accepts PayPal payments from both desktop computers and smartphones. This means that you can pay for purchases with your PayPal rewards points. The process is similar to Apple Pay as well because you will need to visit the retailer’s website during checkout.

Does Home Depot Accept Samsung Pay?

Home Depot does not accept Samsung Pay at its stores. However, customers can use it at checkout after they purchase a home improvement product from the retailer’s website. You can add a credit or debit card to the service and then use it at checkout instead of your card information. The company also accepts Google Pay and Fitbit Pay from smartphones and allows customers to pay for purchases with their rewards points on these services. Customers can choose between Apple Pay Cash, Samsung Pay, and Fitbit Pay by visiting the retailer’s website during checkout.

How does it work?

Using Apple Pay cash out at Home Depot is very similar to using it at other merchants. The process begins with the customer setting up a payment profile on the app. During the setup process, you select your preferred method of payment, fill in any required information such as shipping and billing addresses and then add prepaid cards including gift cards and rewards points cards. 

You can also choose whether or not you have a loyalty program from some stores. After you have completed the authentication process, enter your location and store near your home when asked to do so. Finally, complete the purchase in the store with Apple Pay cash out and then head to the checkout counter where you will be prompted to enter your payment information during checkout.

How do I use it?

Before you go shopping at Home Depot:

Pick a Home Depot store near you. Open its mobile app or go online to check the nearest store. Type in your general location and store address and then tap “Search.” Tap “Your Profile” to get more details about your profile, including payment methods. If you have a loyalty program, you will also see it under “My Accounts.” Link your Apple Pay account by going to “Settings” > “Accounts,” tap on “Apple Pay,” then confirm that the app is linked by choosing a pin. Next, tap on the Apple Pay logo at the bottom of the screen to find out what products and services it supports at each merchant where you can use your card.

Is Home Depot Credit Card Accepting Apple Pay?

Home Depot will probably adopt contactless payment in the future. The company has refunded a total of $62,000 to customers whose cards were potentially hacked earlier this year. This might be the perfect time for Home Depot to start rolling out contactless payments. Gartner, a leading market and research firm, predicts that 80% of transactions will include mobile wallets. This is good news for customers who want to avoid long checkout lines while shopping at Home Depot. Also, it’s important to note that some stores are expected to integrate mobile payments into their point-of-sale terminals before the end.

Final Verdict

Home Depot is a leading retailer that offers thousands of items to help customers get their house projects done. However, the company has not yet adopted Apple Pay at its stores. You can use your Apple Pay cash-out credit card at checkout with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay on your iPhone. If you have a Visa credit card, you can add it to Google Pay and then pay for purchases with the service on smartphones or tablets.

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