Cyberflix is not working? How to Fix (Updated 2024)

Cyberflix is not working: Cyberflix TV has become one of the most well-liked digital streaming platforms for this reason and others. In many ways, this is a fantastic substitute for Netflix or other similar digital entertainment streaming services! Android smartphones and other devices are the primary target audience for this service. The best aspect is that customers will be able to watch and stream their favorite shows on the go because it is so compatible and simple to use on smartphones!

Due to the integration of subtitles and various video quality settings, Cyberflix TV satisfies the criteria of a seamless streaming platform. However, this article will assist you in resolving the CyberFlix not working issue and includes instructions for downloading the CyberFlix TV App.

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Why doesn’t Cyberflix Work?

Any app, including Cyberflix, may experience issues operating for a variety of reasons:

  • The first potential cause of this problem is an unsteady or intermittent internet service
  • The second factor could be limitations imposed by your mobile network provider.
  • The built-up app cache may be related to the third cause.
  • Your Android smartphones may be running out of storage as the fourth factor.
  • Finally, your internet service provider could be the source of the problem.

How Can I Fix Cyberflix’s Issues?

We are giving you the finest solutions to fix this issue because we have seen many people deal with it:

Establish a Reliable Internet Service

Cyberflix’s audio quality will be substandard, and it might even display a poor network warning if the internet is unpredictably slow or chaotic. Check to verify whether you have consumed all of your daily data allowances if you are experiencing internet problems. Additionally, verify if there are any problems with your internet network or support team as well. Connectivity issues are incredibly probable while traveling.

Clear the cache memory

If Cyberflix keeps crashing, a memory problem can be to blame. Auxiliary memory has an impact on the performance of apps, much as other streaming apps do.

Use these instructions to clear the cache memory on Cyberflix.

  • Access “Settings” and choose “Applications.”
  • From the Applications menu, select “Cyberflix”.
  • Select “Storage,” then choose “Clear cache.”

For IP address concealing, utilize a VPN

  • You attempt to access information without masking your IP address, which is one of the leading causes of the “link cannot be resolved” issue.
  • As a result, if Cyberflix TV is not functioning, you ought to think about attempting a VPN.
  • You can choose between a premium VPN for a fee or a free VPN. Before signing up for a premium subscription, if you have never used a VPN before, it is advised that you test out the free versions.
  • Install a VPN and provide it permission to conceal your network. The VPN may occasionally display “timeout” messages. A virtual network’s functionality should always be confirmed.

Modify your DNS

The weak connection issue with the Cyberflix app has been resolved for some users by changing their DNS. It is secure, and choose trustworthy services like Google and Cloud flare to update your DNS servers. Here are the steps to consider taking:

  • On the Android smartphone, tap Settings.
  • Select the Network and Internet settings menu.
  • Click on Private DNS here.
  • From Automatic to Private, change it.
  • The DNS provider’s hostname should then be entered as and saved.

Make sure cellular internet is activated

You can limit an app’s ability to access the internet on Android and iOS. Check whether the mobile data access for the Cyberflix app has been accidentally disabled. You can accomplish this by choosing Cyberflix from the Settings menu. To do so, take these actions:

  • Log into the phone’s settings.
  • Go to Apps & Notifications to view all applications.
  • Investigate Cyberflix. Tap it.
  • Then select Mobile Data & Wi-Fi; if disabled, permit data access.
  • Log into your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Click Cyberflix as you scroll down.
  • If it is disabled, turn on the toggle for mobile data.
  • Enable Background Data Refresh in the same manner.

Disable Ad blockers

This can also be the reason for your Cyberflix not functioning issue. If you have disabled advertisements, you may experience no data problems with Cyberflix TV. Therefore, it is strongly advised that all users disable their Ad Blockers.

Please understand that there are no commercials on the Cyberflix app, so you will not have to deal with intrusive ads.

Log out, then re-login

Attempt to sign out and then sign into the app. Your account details in the Cyberflix app will be renewed, and any problems that could have been raised earlier will be fixed. To do so, here is the process:

  • Install the Cyberflix application.
  • Click the profile icon in the upper right side corner.
  • Choose Settings (the gear icon) in the upper right side corner.
  • At the bottom, click the Log out option.
  •  Next, log back into your account.

Cyberflix should be updated

Ensure that the app is the latest version. The auto-update feature is typically turned on, which causes updates to be downloaded instantly. If it is disabled, you will have to do it by hand. The in-app alerts are accessible for any required modifications. 


If none of the proposed techniques is effective for you, you should talk to the app developer about your choices.  If there is a problem with the app, they will start fixing it immediately so that customers do not have to worry about it, but if there is not, users must take action on their devices to utilize the app.


Many people have been asking if Cyberflix was shut down because of the sudden onslaught of problems. That is not the case yet, though. Make sure to update the Cyberflix app whenever there are new updates to avoid any system issues. Therefore, these are the greatest solutions to the Cyberflix problem. We have provided the most effective solutions; try the next one if the first one is not working. Since the app’s developers claim that there is no problem on their end, if you are experiencing a problem, it is likely due to one of the causes listed above. If so, apply one of the above-listed solutions to fix the issue.

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