Dell wd15 Driver Download for Windows/Mac/Linux

The dell wd15 driver is a gadget that utilizes a USB connection interface to connect your electrical devices to your computer. When the PC is docked, all peripherals—including the mouse, keypad, sound system, external hard drive, or large-screen displays—can be used without being required to plug them individually into the computer.

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To guarantee optimum performance, Dell suggests installing the necessary BIOS, firmware, &dell wd15 drivers one at a time in the specified sequence. Just on the dell wd15 driver and Downloads page, look for the exact model or input the service tags of the computer. To see all of your PC’s updates, choose Operating System.

Installation of Dell wd15 Driver Download

dell wd15 driver free download

  1. Flash the PC with the latest Basic Input or Output PC (BIOS) version. This may be found in the BIOS section.
  2. Reboot the computer.
  3. Install your PC’s available Intel Thunderbolts Controller Drivers. This article is located in the “Chipset” section.
  4. Download and install your PC’s Intel HD Graphics Drivers.
  5. Install your PC’s RealTek USB GBE Ethernets Controller dell wd15 driver. The “Docks and Stands” section contains this posting.
  6. Again, for PC’s dell wd15 drivers&ThunderboltTM Dock, install windows RealTek USB Audio Driver. The “Docks and Stands” section includes this posting.
  7. Reboot the computer.
  8. That after the software update procedure is finished, before utilizing the docking station, attach the AC adapter to the dell wd15 driver before connecting the USB-C connection to the computer and updating the Dell Docks firmware.

FilenameOperating SystemSize
Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller DriverWindows24.64 MBDownload Here
Realtek USB Audio DCH DriverWindows22.63 MBDownload here
Dell Dock WD15/ Dock with Monitor Stand DS1000 Firmware Update UtilityWindows7.38 MBDownloadhere

Vital BIOS settings

The required BIOS settings are the same for any USB Type-C Charging Points. Check out the specific remarks in the instructions below. Whenever the Dell logo displays, restart your computer & hit F2 several times. Follow these steps in the BIOS.

  1. Click System Configuration, followed by USB-Configuration.
  2. Choose to Enable Externals USB Port & USB Boots Support.
  3. Navigate to the dell wd15 driver configuration page and choose Always Permit Dell Docks.
  4. Select the USB PowerShare button under Systems Configuration & turn it on.
  5. Click Thunderbolt Adapters Configuration, then select Thunderbolt Technical Assistance, Thunderbolt Adapters Boot Support, & Thunderbolt Adapters Preboot Modules.
  6. Choose Level Of security – No Security under the same heading.
  7. Click on Fastboot& POST Behavior. Decide on thorough.
  8. To save your changes, click on Apply button in the bottom right. Click on the Exit buttons to leave the BIOS.


You may use the information provided in this article to learn how to obtain & install again for dell wd15 driver on even a PC. The charging dock will operate at its peak efficiency if the drivers are updated or installed.


Q1. How can I update the dell wd15 drivers?

  • Run SupportAssist (for any devices), Dell Command, Upgrade (for Precision, XP, & Latitude), and Dell Update to upgrade the computer BIOS and dock drivers. It is also possible to manually install and download dell wd15 drivers

Q2. Are Dell laptop WD15 able to cope?

  • With a USB connection enabling DisplayPort via USB-C in an alternative mode, Dell computers with the dell wd15 driver are compatible. A laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 connector may also be used with the WD15 charging dock.

Q3. My dell wd15 drivers have to be reset

  • Hit the reset button for over two seconds before turning the docking station back on to restore it to its default configuration. Resets every parameter to its factory settings.

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